Friday, 27 June 2014

Quadrilateral Heads Up

Made popular on The Ellen Show, Heads Up is a game where one person holds a card on their forehead (facing their opponent) and the second person has to give hints about what is on the card (without using any of the words on the card). The first person uses the clues to try to guess what is on their forehead.
In grade 8 we have an expectation that requires students to classify quadrilaterals based on characteristics of the diagonals. This activity does a good job of consolidating that knowledge in a fun game.

  • Grade 8 Geometry and Spatial Sense - sort and classify quadrilaterals by geometric properties, including those based on diagonals, through investigation using a variety of tools. Can also relate to : investigate and describe applications of geometric properties in the real world.
  • MPM1D (for review of polygon properties)

  • One set of Quadrilateral Picture cards per pair of students
  • One Quadrilateral Prompt card per pair of students

  1. Give each pair of students one set of cards (18 picture cards and one prompt card)
  2. One student is the "guesser" and the other gives the clues.
  3. The guesser randomly selects a picture card, without looking at it, and places it on their forehead.
  4. The other person gives clues about the properties of the quadrilaterals seen on the picture card. They should use clues relating to the diagonals (to hit the expectation) and may use the prompt card to help remind them of possible clues they can give. Note that by focussing the clues on the diagonals, this requires both the guesser and clue giver to know about their properties relating to quads. Note that we have included an image on each card to connect to the real world. However, we want the clues to be about the diagonals not about the pictures (ie we don't want students to say "its a football field" as a clue)
  5. Once the guesser guesses correctly, they can choose another card and play again or the two students can switch roles.
None yet but here is a clip of it happening on The Ellen Show

  • Quadrilateral Heads Up Picture Cards (doc) (pdf
  • Quadrilateral Heads Up Prompt Card (doc) (pdf) There are 6 cards on this sheet but only one is needed per group.

Did you use this activity? Do you have a way to make it better? If so tell us in the comment section. Thanks

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