Thursday, 23 October 2014

Halloween Proportional Reasoning Review Activity

This is a Halloween review activity where students will answer proportional reasoning questions and collect candy on the Smartboard (This is the Halloween version to an Easter activity post. If teaching in the fall this context makes more sense otherwise in the spring use the Easter activity instead at this link - they are the same questions in both activities)

  • illustrate equivalent ratios, using a variety of tools (e.g., concrete materials, diagrams, dynamic geometry software) 
  • represent, using equivalent ratios and proportions, directly proportional relationships arising from realistic situations
  • solve for the unknown value in a proportion, using a variety of methods
  • make comparisons using unit rates – solve problems involving ratios, rates, and directly proportional relationships in various contexts using a variety of methods
  • solve problems requiring the expression of percents, fractions, and decimals in their equivalent forms
  • 49 Halloween containers (find at a Dollar store)
  • proportional reasoning questions
  • solution handout
  • Smartboard
  • Smart Notebook file with score board
  • whiteboard and markers (optional)
  • Halloween decorations (optional)
  • prizes for winning team (optional)

  1. Cut out questions and place one in each of the 49 containers.
  2. Spread out containers on a table and add some Halloween decorations (optional).
  3. Bring up the scoreboard on the smartboard.  (Could create your own scoreboard if a smartboard is not available)
  4. Place students is groups and give each student a whiteboard and marker.
  5. Have each group choose a Halloween bag from the scoreboard.
  6. One student from the group will come up and choose a container.  They will bring it back to their group where all members will answer the question inside.
  7. One person will then come and check their answer with the teacher.
  8. The teacher will check off that the group has answered that question.  
  9. The student will then drag a candy to their bag on the smartboard.  Questions with no pumpkins are worth 1 candy and questions with 2 pumpkins are worth 2 candies.
  10. Have students place the question back in the container and choose another one.  (Answered questions with container should be put to the side and put back in circulation when containers get low.)
  11. The group who collects the most candy will win.  
Note:  There are some special cards that students will find. Tap bags 1, 3, 6 or 8 on the Smartboard to play Halloween music.

The video, below, is only visible in the WECDSB domain. That is, only teachers in our school board can see the video if they are logged into their MyTools2Go accounts.

  • Proportional Reasoning Halloween questions (pdf) (doc)
  • Proportional Reasoning Halloween solutions (pdf) (doc)
  • Halloween scoreboard (Smart Notebook file) (not)
Did you use this activity? Do you have a way to make it better? If so tell us in the comment section. Thanks


  1. This looks great. I saw your presentation at OAME, Gisele, and I hope to use much from your BlogSpot next year. I was wondering if you could send me the links to the "grit" videos you mentioned at OAME. I don't have your email (and don't want to post mine here) but if you could reply to this with the links I'd be grateful!

    1. Could it be this that you were referring to?

  2. I think you are referring to a video another group presented. They were talking about growth mindset. I attached the link of the grit video: